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  • Our situation wasn’t the best one to begin with. My husband had been treated unfairly, and we had an urgent situation. The previous lawyer wasn’t enough, and we needed someone who’d treat us better. My husband’s rights mattered. Unfortunately, the previous lawyer just wasn’t like that. In a wild chase, we came across Daniel Kingwell. Just as we thought all hope was lost, we had found our miracle. We set up a meeting and met each other. They learned our case and saved us. Countless meetings later, we managed to find a great price and win the first of many cases. Daniel Kingwell and his colleagues have been a huge part of our lives, and we cannot thank them enough. I truly recommend them. Appreciation and Thanks, Selma and family. 

    — Selma Shreet
  • If it were possible, I would give Kingwell Immigration Law Firm more than 100 stars! I came to this group of super fine professionals with a case that was previously denied by the IRCC. This pertains to a business case relating to Intercompany Transfer through the CUSMA ICT Start-up Program.

    Alexandra, a very meticulous and seasoned (understatement) immigration lawyer with this firm, analyzed my case and advised me accordingly. She then prepared my case and re-submitted it to the IRCC. It was approved with minimal questions asked. What intrigued me the most about her was her mastery of the law, her all-rounded deep experience with personal and business-related immigration issues, her unmatched attention to detail, her proactiveness, her super responsiveness, her ability to plan and come up with a winning strategy, and above all, how she pours her heart into her work. She called and emailed me outside of her working hours just to make sure my immigration matter was handled by IRCC with careful attention.

    I recommend Kingwell Immigration Law Firm without any reservations. Thank you, Kingwell, and thank you, Alexandra!

    — Dr. Hilary Aza
  • I was honoured to deal with this legal firm. I would like to mention Christian. this amazing lawyer treated us like people, as human beings not as a bunch of numbers. He was able to go above and beyond for us,  he gave us the right direction, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much Christian for your amazing work and for that big smile you put on my face and my partner's face as well, God bless you always.

    — Joseph R. & Adam R.
  • I highly recommend Mr. Daniel Kingwell for his exceptional legal expertise. Facing a complex situation, Mr. Kingwell provided clarity and support. His polite demeanour and reliability were evident throughout our interactions. He assured me of the strength of my case and diligently worked to secure its approval, patiently assembling all the documents. Mr. Kingwell's honesty and integrity are commendable traits that instilled trust in his counsel. Additionally, his assistant, Naheed Sultana, played a crucial role in the process. Naheed's quick and attentive responses to my inquiries demonstrated her dedication and professionalism. Together, they make an amazing and friendly team that gets the job done. Many thanks to Mr. Daniel Kingwell and Naheed Sultana for their invaluable service.

    — Ali Abdulrazak
  • Thank you Daniel for doing a great job!!! My student visa application was refused two times and the Embassy ignored my third request too. Honestly, I was hopeless in 2019 and could not even imagine that someday the court would grant leave and my passport would have a visa on it. Everything happened because of Daniel Kingwell who prepared the best arguments and defended my case with great professionalism. I am so grateful for your support Daniel. I would recommend your firm to everyone who needs legal services because you guys deserve to be appreciated!

    — Daniela Gega