We understand how difficult it can be when you or a family member is refused entry to Canada because they have been found to be inadmissible. When you submit an immigration application or you arrive at a port of entry, a Canadian immigration officer will determine if you can or cannot enter Canada based on a variety of reasons.

My husband and I want to start off by thanking Daniel Kingwell and his team for all the amazing work they did for us and the support they gave us during a very stressful time in our lives. When there was so much uncertainty, Daniel always gave us the assurance that he and his team will do everything they can to see us through and they sure did deliver. We will recommend Daniel to anyone facing immigration issues. His firm delivered time and time again, my husband and I are so blessed we had them on our side. They are truly life savers and my family and I will always be grateful to Daniel and his firm.

– Samantha Oorloff & Jesse Wijayasinghe

If you have been found inadmissible to Canada, that means that you will be refused entry into Canada, removed from Canada, or will have the visas or applications you have applied for denied. There are several reasons an individual may be found inadmissible. A lawyer can help you determine why you were found inadmissible and the ways you can potentially still enter Canada.

Why Kingwell Immigration Law

Kingwell Immigration Law has worked with countless individuals on immigration matters pertaining to inadmissibility. We understand that these matters are confusing – we help our clients navigate the various immigration laws, procedures, and applications to help them achieve their goal of coming to and staying in Canada.

At Kingwell Immigration, we promise our clients that we will put in the time and effort to understand their case and will exhaust every avenue and legal strategy to help them build a future in Canada.

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