Urgent Matters


At Kingwell Immigration Law, we are well-positioned to respond to the urgent immigration matters that you are facing. Whether you or your loved one has been refused entry into Canada, has been arrested and detained by immigration officials, or are facing removal, Kingwell Immigration has experience handling the complexities and time-sensitive nature of your case.

Our situation wasn’t the best one to begin with. My husband had been treated unfairly, and we had an urgent situation. The previous lawyer wasn’t enough, and we needed someone who’d treat us better. My husband’s rights mattered. Unfortunately, the previous lawyer just wasn’t like that. In a wild chase, we came across Daniel Kingwell. Just as we thought all hope was lost, we had found our miracle. We set up a meeting and met each other. They learned our case and saved us. Countless meetings later, we managed to find a great price and win the first of many cases. Daniel Kingwell and his fellow colleagues have been a huge part in our lives, and we cannot thank them enough. I truly recommend them. Appreciation and Thanks, Selma and family.

– Selma Shreet

Our team of experienced lawyers can support clients with applications, motions, other litigation, and representation in all urgent matters. If you are facing an urgent Canadian immigration matter, please contact Kingwell Immigration Law to speak with a lawyer about your case as soon as possible.

Why Kingwell Immigration Law

Whether your immigration matter is urgent, complex, or seems like there is no hope, a lawyer at Kingwell Immigration Law will work with you to assess your case and use all of the available legal options. Our lawyers are passionate about supporting you and your future in Canada. When you choose Kingwell Immigration Law, you can rest assured that you have a team of legal professionals working to advance your case and fight for your future in Canada.

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